Intranet Redevelopment

City of Busselton

The Brief

With recent growth of the organization and increased activity, there was a growing need to develop new ways to communicate and collaborate across the organization. The organization was leaning heavily on subject matter experts across the business and required tools and systems to capture the wealth of knowledge across the organization with ease of access for staff across broad geography.

The Approach

Conducted an in-depth content audit, undertaking card sorting workshops, content mapping exercises and group discussions to identify redundant, outdated or trivial content, establishing a user group for project feedback and further scoped functional requirements to identify common goals, systems integrations and a role based functional scope..

The Process

Designed the information architecture and conducted user to assess usability with goal based tree testing and refinement of content structure and labelling of navigation items. Based on the functional requirements statement, I designed a set of wireframes for key pages, annotating them with expected behaviors and producing an interactive paper prototype to communicate the design to stakeholders.

The Results

The project enabled authentication and integration with existing business systems, encouraged collaboration amongst multi-disciplinary teams through shared online workspaces, improved cross- discipline consultation through user generated personalization of staff directory profiles, and increased engagement and productivity through user led personalization of dashboards. The solution contributed to the improvement of service delivery by the organization, resulting in increased community satisfaction and quicker response times to customer enquiries. ‚Äč