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There are a few things you need to establish before launching in to creating a website for your business, such as making sure you have enough resources, money and time to successfully plan, design, build and launch the project, as well as considering how you will manage and maintain your business website. Ask yourself a few questions to plan for your business website project:

Why are you wanting to create your business website?

Set some clear goals that you can then strategically build your website to achieve for your business.

Who are you creating your business website for?

Do some research to understand your target audience needs. What does the customer journey involve, that will lead your visitors through a sales funnel to become paying customers? How do you make this is easy as possible to achieve for them?

Who else is involved in creating your business website?

Are there other people in your business who can help? Are you part of a larger organisation that needs approval from stakeholders for your project? It might be a good idea to create a business case that supports your project being a priority for the business, and ensure that it gets the support and funding it needs to succeed.

It is also important to set out a clear plan for your project to ensure that you (and anyone else on your team) understand what needs to be done, by whom and when, and it may be the case you need to consider engaging an external supplier for your business website project. If this is necessary, how will the supplier be involved? What is the process for approving work done on your business website project? It is critical to have a very clear brief for any external party that may be involved in your business website project, as it is unlikely they understand your business, as much as you do, so dig into details and make sure there is enough for the project brief to be crystal clear.


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