Digital Experience Specialist

by people

I am passionate about helping others to succeed by leading with purpose

by data

I thrive on connecting the dots when analysing business data to uncover opportunities

on efficiency​

I identify gaps in processes and performance to optimise business efficiency

by insights​

I am a lifelong learner who loves developing a deeper understanding

“I enjoy the process of solving problems with a sustainable and scalable solution. I have a genuine passion for helping others to understand our digital-led world”

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Decoding Digital

Our society is becoming ever more reliant on digital technologies, impacting our everyday lives, our communities and our businesses. The only constant in this digital space is change, yet change can be difficult to achieve when faced with a complex, hybrid environment of technologies and tools. 

Working alongside businesses, I help foster a greater understanding of digital and how to apply digital-led solutions, guiding best practice and building digital capabilities to help businesses survive and thrive in the digital economy.


I help small businesses to understand digital to identify sustainable and scalable processes and systems to run their business.


I work with business owners to consoliodate and benchmark their current state of digital to prepare  for sustainable business growth.


I analyse systems and processes to identify opportunities and bottlenecks that increase productivity and business efficiency.


I collaborate with business leaders to ideate innovative solutions to complex business problems enabling digital transformation.