Digital Business Transformation Specialist

Joff is passionate about making businesses more successful on the web and has helped many companies to achieve their digital business goals. He has been involved in technology enablement projects since 1997 and has a broad experience of working with companies of all sizes including start-ups, SMEs and multinationals.


New technologies of cooperation are combining to create a new way of working that is highly social, collective, improvisational, and augmented. this workforce challenges traditional workplace hierarchies and requires a more ad hoc organisational infrastructure.


As a Collective Intelligence specialist, I oversee improvisational human resourcing.

I create temporary, continually shifting teams that are specially suited to specific tasks.

I also capture and analyze data about the strengths and weaknesses of different collaborations, to improve collective performance over time.


In the future workplace, more and more detailed activity will be documented automatically as a result of embedded sensing and increased electronic communication. Simply by doing our work, this will automatically create detailed records of it.

Big Data

As a Data Ecologist I design and manage both private and public data clouds. I compile and analyze work-related data traces generated by business systems, employees, and devices, including biometrics, geospatial data, and collaboration activity.

I partner with product development teams to integrate appropriate data-generating sensors and knowledge management processes into new and existing products.


Over the next decade, the way we sense, understand, and see the world through data will be transformed. desktop visualization software, collaborative e-displays, and immersive data environments will provide new ways to grapple with, share, and generate insight from ever-mounting volumes of information.


As a visualisation specialist (aka “Data Whisperer" I devise new ways of visualizing business, pioneering new, visual ways of telling compelling stories about complex data and increasing the digital literacy of all employees.

Joff introduces digital culture into existing organisational culture, helping teams adopt a digital mindset based upon each individual’s core values, helping them manifest these core values into digital strategy and action

Joff prepares executives to operate in a digital environment through improving digital literacy and building organisational capacity

Joff deconstructs silos to drive innovation and collaboration through redefining roles within the digital transformation journey

Joff improves customer relationships through reduction in channel control and fosters brand advocacy through enhancing the customer experience

Joff assists organisations to clearly demonstrate their core values, helping to manifest these values into the company’s daily actions to improve sustainability, encourage open communication, equality and collaboration that facilitates efficient digital implementation

Joff conducts digital diagnostics to help organisations reflect on their positioning by implementing data modelling for business decision making​

Joff drives sustainable continuous improvement of digital integration by improving internal communications through social inputs​

Joff designs an approach to digital transformation as an effective strategy that evolves into full digital integration over time, conducting effective planning for external influences such as changes in competitive landscape, digital technologies, customer experience, and overall business environment, as well as internal factors such as existing capabilities and professional development opportunities

Joff translates digital trends into business opportunities and insights in order to develop roadmaps that achieve digital integration for organisations

Joff applies proven digital tactics and tools based upon best practice methodologies for creating sustainable digital strategies and ROI

Joff collates a repository of resources to stay current on the latest digital trends, strategies, tactics and tools, strengthening capabilities through discussions, informal and formal learning opportunities